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Meta Smith


I’m a woman on a MISSION to live life to the fullest, to spread happiness through my art and to teach others to empower themselves through creative expression! “

Writing bios is one of the most awkward things I have to do in my profession. I always wonder if I should be professional and put a bio up that refers to me in the third person or if I should be personal and just tell it like it is. The second option almost always wins because I like to connect with my readers in
a way that the typical bio just can’t do.

So, where to begin…

Well, for starters, I wear a lot of hats! I’m an author, a publisher, an educator, and a DJ. I’m also a mom, a mentor, a friend, and a philanthropist. So in other words, I’m always up to something! I’m not flighty or uncertain about my future in the least, but my interests and careers are diverse and complex because the vision I have for my life isn’t that simple. I want to change the world in a positive way through creativity! It’s quite the journey!

The journey began on the South Side of Chicago, where I grew up, but I was born in Philadelphia and I’m oh-so proud of that fact even though I don’t have ANY family there and haven’t been there in a while. There’s so much creative talent from Philly and Chicago and I like to think that I’ve benefited from the best of both worlds.

I went to college in Atlanta; I spent my first year at Clark Atlanta University and finished up my degree in English at Spelman College. I got my Master’s Degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in 2016. I’ve worked in every occupation under the sun from non-profit to hospitality, but the single most influential thing I ever did, the one thing that led me to the wonderful life that I’m grateful to have today was probably the most daring thing I’ve ever done.

When I was in my early 20s I made a crazy leap of faith that changed my life: I moved to Miami. I didn’t know anyone but a stripper at The Rolexxx and a skycap. My friends said I’d be back in 6 weeks. I stayed for 6 years. I explored EVERYTHING that Miami had to offer, from the glossy tourist brochure life to the slick entertainment scene, to domestic bliss as a wife and mom to the seamy underbelly. And one day, I decided to write about it.

I found my voice, a literary agent, and a publisher and I haven’t looked back. Since 2006, I’ve penned 6 novels, have 3 more on the way within the next year, and I’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals of becoming published. I’m a college professor and a literary consultant and am currently working on ways to educate and enrich people’s writing skills on a global scale at an attainable cost. And I’m living a happy and productive life that is by my design (with help from the great architect) and helping others do the same. Pretty exciting stuff!

So come along with me on this journey. I focus on achievement, enlightenment, positive vibes, fun, and celebrating life! Whether you’re male or female, young or old, you’ll be able to relate to and enjoy the things I share, as long as you’re willing to keep an open mind and an open heart.

Peace & Positive Vibes,